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Picture of the poem I wrote and sent to Mother Teresa called: The Nun I Love


It all started with a Poem


'The Nun I Love', pictured, is what started my Journey of Hope.


I've always been fascinated, had great admiration and respect for Mother Teresa. She was so motivational in how much good she did for the Poorest of the Poor by starting the Sisters of Charity in Calcutta. Not to mention all of her charity work spanning decades of her life along with many countries all over the world.


As a lifelong teacher and writer, I decided to write a poem about her and, send it to her in India.






A letter from Mother Teresa


The response I received came only 3 short weeks after I sent my poem along with a copy of a poetry book I had recently published; Forever Living Past. 


Nowhere in my wildest dreams did I expect a response directly from Mother Teresa. That she actually took the time to read mail addressed to her is remarkable. Afterall, this was Mother Teresa, a Living Saint at the time, she must have received countless mail from all over the world.


As you will hopefully read in Journey of Hope, the first time I called the Sisters of Charity on the phone, Mother Teresa actually answered the phone!


A picture of the Invitation Letter from Mother Teresa.
A picture of the Authorization Letter from Mother Teresa.


Permission to write a book


I did not go to just visit Mother Teresa and the Sisters of Charity, or plan to write a book about them and their gracious work, I went to serve among them the poorest of the poor of Calcutta.


Thursday, August 1, 1996, was the first day during my visit with Mother Teresa, which I spent with the Leprosy Patients at Gandhiji Prem Nivas Leprosy Centre, in Titargarh, India. The Centre was co-founded by Mother Teresa, in 1958, and run by the brothers of the Missionaries of Charity.


That day forever changed my life and, was one of the most inspiring moment's that led me to write Journey of Hope - Authorized by Mother Teresa.


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