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Picture of front cover of Journey of Hope - Authorized by Mother Teresa book.
Authorized By Mother Teresa

ISBN-13: 9781300450986

A tremendously inspiring message, which is both captivating and uplifting. The author Ana Ganza has captured the essence and the indomitable spirit of saintly Mother Teresa, an attribute which could only be garnered by one who actually shared life's experiences with the living saint (at the time). Ana's voice is the voice of truth echoing in the vast reaches of Calcutta among the poorest of the poor with Mother Teresa. Her sensitivity for the poor, her spirituality and genuine love and candid respect for Mother Teresa shone as a powerful beacon of light in her Journey of Hope. Hers is a joyful work of love, her personal spiritual journey which speaks directly to the heart, and draws the reader with a magnetic force into the thought, action, and profound faith of the Saintly Mother. One cannot resist being moved by this touching and unique treasure.


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Picture of front cover of Forever Living Past book. . Mother Teresa Book.

Forever Living Past

Ana Ganza's poetry has a gentleness and an agony to it that both touches the heart and sears the soul. Her words caress you, and then tear at your conscience. Such is their sweeping power. Its beauty and brutality are haunting and unforgettable. Majestic and macabre, no one should remain unmoved by Ana's soothing verses - or shocking messages.


Paul Jackson, Editor, Calgary Sun



Picture of front cover of Ognniste Staro book. Mother Teresa Book.

Ognjiste Staro



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