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Picture of front cover of Journey of Hope - Authorized by Mother Teresa book.



Authorized by Mother Teresa

It all started with a poem that I sent to Mother Teresa when she was still with us. The poem was called 'The Nun I Love". She responded with a letter thanking me for the poem and, inviting me to come work with her and the Sisters of Charity in Calcutta, India. I could not resist answering her invitation and gladly accepted.


I didn't know what to expect and certainly was not planning on writing a book about Mother Teresa. At one point in my journey, as you will read, it came to me and I discussed it with her and was astounded that she gave me permission to write a book about her and the amazing work she and her Sisters of Charity do for the poorest of the poor.


It has 300+ pages of content, 100+ quotes from Mother Teresa as well as over 100 pictures from my trip to Calcutta.


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A truly amazing story of a writer who wrote a poem to Mother Teresa which was answered by an invitation to visit Calcutta. The pictures of the author and Mother Teresa are exceptional, as are the unique quotes. I would recommend this book to anyone interested in learning about Mother Teresa firsthand from someone who actually spent time with her.

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An amazing story of a woman who left her country only to impact India - Kolkata with her principles, dedication, and love for the poor. Truly called saint of the gutters. Mother Teresa talked the walk and walked the talk. Super inspirational story that will challenge you. Reviewer



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